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Coffee is about you

You do what you love and and you love what you do! You take care of yourself, choose whatever is best for you. You are enjoying life and you are conscious about what you do and the choices you make.

No matter if it’s work, social life or travelling. The world: that's where you get your inspiration from. You are co-creating within your own world. You know the future is now: you take it to the fullest. That’s the way you like to live.

You choose quality over quantity

We are DENF and this is you!

DENF is about coffee

DENF is formed from an inner urge to roast coffee in an artisan way. Eindhoven deserves an authentic roastery with it's own brand. So here it is... and the smell of fresh coffee may dominate the streets for a little while.

We believe to make quality coffee by knowledge, technology, design and trough telling our story of coffee. Our goal is to deliver you a moment of joy.

Yes, we really do believe in coffee

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Coffee... what are we talking about?

Exactly! Love to know more about this fascinating product? Sign up for an interactive workshop at the DENF Roastery itself! Our workshops are made up of building blocks which form a comprehensive range of training programs. Great idea for your team, friends or cooking club.

DENF is a member of Specialty Coffee Interested in a official international barista certificat? We work with Merijn Gijsbers, a barista trainer certified by Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). Contact us for the possibilities.

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DENF coffee is as unique as a number

Everyone is unique. From that point of view DENF made a blend, inspired by the italian way of drinking coffee. A special blend with all it's uniqueness deserves a strong number, as a name to be one of a kind.

The well balanced, full bodied, creamy espresso with a touch of freshness will make your 'coffee moment' as you like it to be. Taste it after dinner, as a milk recipe or just on it’s own. It’s your moment so enjoy. Discover our great coffees.

#801 is a signature for great taste

DENF and Eindhoven...

The birthplace of DENF Roasters of Coffee is Eindhoven: the city known for Light, Design and Technology. These words are core values ​​that identify DENF as well. Succes is about making smart decisions and building strong relationships. DENF Coffee is not a supplier but a full partner. We like to think along with you!

As the first 'Eindhovense stadsbranderij' as the Dutch like to say, we want to bring the city to a higher level. Why? Becauses Eindhoven is more than worth it. We are very proud of our partnerships, which you can find on your right.

A more than tasteful combination

Stay tuned and don't miss a thing!

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Over DENF Coffee Roasters: In hartje stad aan de Clausplein 5 in het iconische pand De Witte Dame in Eindhoven vindt u onze koffiebranderij. De toekomstvisie van DENF Coffee is om naast de branderij aan Clausplein een koffie speciaalzaak te openen waarbij de koffiebrander in de espressobar staat. In dit 'roastingcafe' kunt u de ambacht van het koffiebranden zien terwijl u geniet in onze koffiebar van een perfect gezette espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato of filter koffie. De barista's leiden we zelf op om voor u de beste aandacht aan uw koffiemoment te kunnen geven. Onze koffie's maken wij van onze eigen geselecteerde koffiebonen uit verschillende koffielanden en branden deze vers voor u, duurzame geteelde koffie, fairtrade koffie en biologische koffie. Totdat de espressobar er is, kunt u koffie online bestellen en uw bestelling afhalen bij een van onze afhaalpunten waaronder Modezaak Wildenberg Ynformal en Italiaanse delicatessenwinkel La Semolina of van een DENF koffie genieten in verschillende restaurants. Onze 'signature blend' genaamd de 801 is een blend geïnspireerd door de Italiaanse manier van koffie drinken. Wij als Eindhovense stadsbrander geloven in goede eerlijke koffie op ambachtelijke wijze gebrand in eigen branderij. Wij branden uw verse koffie op een Giesen koffiebrander en deze staat centraal in de branderij.